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Wearable Fitness Technology

Wearable fitness technology manufacturing can enable your company to take advantage of one of the biggest trends in medical device manufacturing. If you’re looking for a custom manufacturer to make all or part of your product, contact us today.

• We offer custom adhesive solutions, to keep your wearable adhered to the skin.
• We offer custom die cutting, which allows us to cut parts to your specifications.
• We offer lamination services, if you’d like multiple layers of your product fused together.
• And if you want to have your product ready for final sale, we offer packaging services on site.

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Industry News: Supply Chain Issues Easing?

GE is expecting to see its supply chain issues ease... will the rest of us follow suit?

News: 3M to spin off its health care business

Don't worry!   As a 3M supplier for decades, we'll still be able to get the products you've come to count on.

Industry News: Africa Needs Test Kits

News for our friends in the medical testing industry.   

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Just another reason why you might consider doing business onshore!

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Happy Independence Day


We here at Custom  Converting wish you a wonderful day to celebrate freedom.   We're closed today, spending this time with our families.   We look forward to speaking to you tomorrow.

Adhesive Manufacturers in the US

adhesive manufacturers in the us

Adhesive Manufacturers in the USA

Custom Converting works with adhesive manufacturers in the US to bring you a wide range of adhesive solutions.   We can supply a variety of adhesives, everything from medical to tape and beyond.   Our vendor relationships are long-standing, and we have many contacts with adhesive producers across the United States.  

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Our Partnership With Inventors

Our partnership with inventors is one of the things that makes Custom Converting unique.   As a custom manufacturer, we’re able to produce and supply a variety of materials and products.   We’ve manufactured everything from disposable bikinis to devices for medical testing.   Our capabilities will make your dreams come alive, which is the true meaning of “custom”.  

Inventors partnering with experts 

Every inventor needs an expert in manufacturing to come alongside them.   You know what you want to make.   We know how to take your ideas and make them happen on the production floor.    Working with materials on a small scale or in development is one thing, working with them on a grand scale is another!    Let us walk alongside you and help you get your product onto the shelves.  We even provide packaging services.   Custom Converting can be your one-stop-solution.

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Predictable Partnerships in Unpredictable Times

Predictable Partnerships help you navigate unpredictable times.   The last two years have handed everyone in industry a series of curveballs.   Every time we think we’ve conquered the problem at hand, another one comes up.   Pandemics, industry shutdowns, severe weather events, and now war.  

Who do you want at your side?  

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Why use a contract manufacturer?

March is asset management month, and using a contract manufacturer is a great way to manage your assets.  There’s no reason for you to invest in seldom-used equipment, storage, or training when you can out-source.

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Trust, Communication, Relationship


Trust is a vital part of any business relationship, and it’s that much more important when you’re having your product manufactured remotely.    Why trust Custom Converting?   We have been in the business for decades, and our customers come back to do business with us again and again.   There’s a reason for our longevity and repeat demand.   

We pride ourselves on being honest and forthright.   Is it possible?   We’ll tell you.  Is it not?  We’ll tell you that too.   What’s going to affect your order?   We’ll tell you up front.   You need a custom manufacturer who will give you reliable information, not lead you astray.   This honesty sometimes loses us customer contacts – but only the ones who don’t already do business with us.   Why?  Because the ones who do, know that our honesty is for their benefit. 

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Abrasion Resistance

The ability of a tape to withstand rubbing and still function satisfactorily.

Accelerated Aging

A means whereby the deterioation of a tape encountered in natural aging may be accelerated and reproduced in the laboratory.

Accelerated Weathering (aka Weathering)

Exposure in a chamber to ultraviolet light, heat, and water whereby the effect of outdoor exposure on a tape can be approximated.

Adhesion to Backing

The bond produced to the backing of the same tape or another tape backing.

Adhesive Deposit or Residue

Adhesive that is pulled away from the tape upon removal and remains on the surface to which it has been applied.

Die Cutting

Die cutting is one of the most popularly requested custom manufacturing services that we offer.   But what does that mean, and how does it work?  Think of it as a cookie cutter.   You can make any shape of cookie you like with the right die… or in our case, you can make any shape of your desired material.  Custom Converting is all about fulfilling your requirements.

"Die cutting is used in manufacturing a variety of items by cutting components quickly and efficiently, with the perfect cut every time. In manufacturing processes, large industrial-strength die cutting machines are usually used to speed up the process and withstand the constant pressures of a heavy workload." (

Custom Converting has a number of industrial die cutting machines, set up for steel rule or rotary dies or Class A tooling.   We have die cut everything from plastic to fabric, kraft paper to foam.    This allows us to manufacture parts for electronics, medical devices, fashion, the life-science community, and more. 

If you have a question about our capabilities, or would like to learn more, please contact us at 760-724-0664 or use our convenient online form.

Adhesive Transfer

The conveyance of adhesive from its normal position on the tape backing to a surface to which the tape was attached, either during unwind or removal.


The specific adhesion of a pressure sensitive adhesive to a face material or an anchor coat.


A relatively thin flexible material to which the adhesive is applied.   Theoretically any material that is reasonably flat, thin, and flexible can be used as a tape backing.