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The extensible property of adhesive films or adhesive interfaces to contract and expand in such a manner as to overcome the differential contraction and expansion rates that the bonded adherends may exhibit.


An elastic, polymeric substaance, such as natural or synthetic rubber.

Electrolyte Corrosion Factor

A measure of the tape's corrosive effect on an electrical conductor, particularly copper.   This is particularly important in the selection of tapes for electrical insulation.

Elongation (Stretch, Ultimate Elongation)

The distance a tape will stretch in the machine or cross direction before breaking under controlled conditions, expressed as a percentage of original length.   Elongation is not necessarily an indication of conformability.


Any paper, film, fabric, laminate, or foil material suitable for converting into pressure-sensitive material stock.   

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When a tape pulls completely off from the surface to which it is applied and drops off.


A weakness resulting from stress created by repeated flexing or impact force upon the adhesive-adhered interface.


Thin, longitudinal yarns or threads of glass, polyester, nylon, or other high-strength materials.


A condition sometimes occurring during removal of masking tape in which flakes or particles of paint flake away from the tape backing.

Flame Resistance

The ability of a tape to withstand exposure to flame.   Fireproof materials will not burn even when exposed to flame.   

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Distortion of a roll of tape such that the layers no longer form a circle.


Openings between layers of tape within a finished roll.


A light reflectioni characteristic of tape backings, usually expressed by such terms as glossy, low-gloss, matte, etc.

Heat Seal

An adhesive film intended to be reactivated by the application of physical or chemical changes caused by exposure to high temperatures.

High-Speed Unwind

A term referring to the process of unwinding or dispensing of tapes at a relatively high rate of speed, usually over 15 meters/minute.

Holding Power (Shear Adhesion, Shear Resistance)

The ability of a tape to resist static forces applied in the same plane as the backing.   

Usually expressed in a time required for a given weight and length of tape to shear free from a vertical panel.

Hot Melt (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive)

A pressure sensitive adhesive, applied to the backing in hot liquid form, which then cools to form a conventional pressure sensitive adhesive.


The moisture content of the air.   

Actual humidity is the number of grams of moisture in the air at any given time.  Relative humidity is the percent of moisture relative to the maximum that air at any given temperature can retain without precipitation.  


A tendency of some materials to readily absorb moisture from the atmosphere.

Impact Resistance

The ability of a tape to resist sudden impacts, pulls, or shocks as may be sometimes encountered by packages in transit.