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Adhesive Manufacturers in the US

adhesive manufacturers in the us

Adhesive Manufacturers in the USA

Custom Converting works with adhesive manufacturers in the US to bring you a wide range of adhesive solutions.   We can supply a variety of adhesives, everything from medical to tape and beyond.   Our vendor relationships are long-standing, and we have many contacts with adhesive producers across the United States.  

3M Partner

3M adhesive partners, like Custom Converting, have access to the full range of 3M products, including 3M adhesives.   We are set apart by our years of experience.   If you’re not sure which adhesive to use, just ask!   If you know exactly what you want, if you’re familiar with the 3M line of products, we’re more than happy to fulfill that need.    Our friendly customer service professionals would be delighted to assist you.

Custom Adhesive Manufacturing

The list of adhesive manufacturers in the US now includes Custom Converting!  If the adhesive you’re looking for isn’t in the 3M catalog, don’t hesitate to ask us.   We can custom-coat your adhesive in our Yuma, AZ facility.   We can coat materials up to 60” wide (sixty inch wide).

Working With Vendors Around the World

Not only do we work with adhesive manufacturers in the US, we work with adhesive manufacturers around the world.   If your product isn’t available here, our international connections might be able to supply your needs.  Why not reach out to Custom Converting today? 


Adhesive suppliers in the US provide an important service.   2022 has brought a greater interest in on-shore relationships due to the world-wide shipping crises and supply-chain debacles.   Working with Custom Converting, you’re not only working with a converter who is on-shore, you’re working with a converter who has relationships with adhesive manufacturers in the US. 

If you’re looking for an adhesive manufacturer, look no further – Custom Converting can solve your problems today!  

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