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Predictable Partnerships in Unpredictable Times

Predictable Partnerships help you navigate unpredictable times.   The last two years have handed everyone in industry a series of curveballs.   Every time we think we’ve conquered the problem at hand, another one comes up.   Pandemics, industry shutdowns, severe weather events, and now war.  

Who do you want at your side?  


You want a company that has weathered challenges and come out strong.  Custom Converting has been in business since 1983.   We’ve gone through recessions, Y2K, 9/11, and many other industry-changing events.    We are professionals in problem-solving.   ISO 9001:2015 Certified? Of course.   Soon to be 13485!   Challenges come to everyone, and experience counts. 


Now is not the time to extend your supply chain one step farther than you must.   Doing business with a contract manufacturer here in the States reduces your risk of delays due to shipping fiascos.   Who wants their product to sit on the ocean for months, or once off the ship, roll down tracks surrounded by thieves?    Avoid those problems with your finished goods by keeping your business on  American soil.

Customer Focused

Our customers are loyal for decades because we work closely with them.   Make an appointment and come sit down with our trained professionals, talk over your project in person, create a relationship.   When you work with Custom Converting, you partner with a team who prioritize transparency, communication, and integrity.  

Quality is in our DNA – and it’s in our relationships as well.


Predictable partnerships reduce your risk as you navigate these uncertain times.   None of us have a crystal ball, and we can’t tell you what tomorrow might bring.   But if you work with Custom Converting, we can tell you that we’ll be at your side to face what comes.    We’ve seen hard times in the past, we’re here to stay, and we care about you.


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