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Trust, Communication, Relationship


Trust is a vital part of any business relationship, and it’s that much more important when you’re having your product manufactured remotely.    Why trust Custom Converting?   We have been in the business for decades, and our customers come back to do business with us again and again.   There’s a reason for our longevity and repeat demand.   

We pride ourselves on being honest and forthright.   Is it possible?   We’ll tell you.  Is it not?  We’ll tell you that too.   What’s going to affect your order?   We’ll tell you up front.   You need a custom manufacturer who will give you reliable information, not lead you astray.   This honesty sometimes loses us customer contacts – but only the ones who don’t already do business with us.   Why?  Because the ones who do, know that our honesty is for their benefit. 

Culture of Communication

In the modern marketplace, you need to be able to communicate directly with your suppliers and manufacturers.   Custom Converting is incredibly responsive to customer emails and phone calls.   We sit down and meet with our clientele, and we get almost as excited about their new ideas as they do.  Our staff looks for ways to make your dreams come to life, and we put our familiarity with a wide variety of materials and processes to work for our customers.


Our customers are never just a name in the database to us.   Our relationships with our customers sometimes span decades, and we’re familiar with not just their needs, but their preferences, their ways of doing business, their personal style.   We end up on a first-name basis with most of our clients, and we’re always glad to hear from them.

Can you make an appointment to visit your converter?   Do you feel comfortable discussing your changing needs with them?   If not, perhaps you should give us a call.   Our team makes time for our customers, and we’re always willing to have a look at your latest idea – or discuss your needs as they evolve.  

Trust, communication and relationship are vital to a thriving partnership with your manufacturer.   Your business deserves to feel the Custom Converting difference.

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