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Why use a contract manufacturer?

March is asset management month, and using a contract manufacturer is a great way to manage your assets.  There’s no reason for you to invest in seldom-used equipment, storage, or training when you can out-source.

Real Estate is Expensive

You pay for every square inch of your property.    Production machinery takes up a lot of that space.   It’s a great investment when you’re using it every day – but what if you only use that machine once or twice a year?   A waste of space is a waste of money.   Here’s a link to help you calculate your real estate costs per square foot:

Production Equipment is Pricey 

Production equipment is a substantial capital investment.   Why spend five or six figures buying a machine that just collects dust?   We have the machinery to meet your converting needs.

Infrastructure for that production equipment is an additional cost.   Do you need to add an air compressor line?   Specialized electric voltage?   Gas?  All of that will cost you up-front and cost you every month you operate.  

Training Employees is Time Consuming

Long-term retention rates for manufacturing employees aren’t the best.  What if there’s only one employee on staff that has experience using that converting equipment?   You’re losing time every time you run a job re-training your staff and building up the speed that comes with experience.  

Regulatory issues – and employees that know how to deal with them – also come into play.   Can you operate as planned in your area?  Do you know what it will take to bring you into compliance?  We’re ISO 9001:2015 certified, cGMP compliant, and familiar with the regulations surrounding manufacturing.


Using a contract manufacturer to produce your goods instead of doing the work in-house might look more expensive at first glance, but when you do the math, you’re saving money by hiring experts.    We have the tools, we have the employees, we have the space to make your dreams come to life.

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