Lamination Services and Custom Adhesive Manufacturing

Lamination is the process of bonding multiple layers of material together. Multiple-layer lamination is used to improve the appearance, strength, stability, or other property of the composite materials. Adhesives can be also be laminated or coated onto a variety of materials to transform the application of the original material.

Custom Converting has forty years of experience in multilayer lamination. We provide lamination as a stand-alone service and as part of our custom manufacturing solutions. Contact us by filling out our quote-request form and emailing it to, complete our online contact form, or call us at (760) 724-0664.


“Lamination is a processing approach to producing a composite system with improved strength, stability, and appearance by using two or more materials stacked in multiple layers.” – Science Direct

Multilayer Lamination Services and Bonding Solutions

  • Adhesive Tape Lamination: We can also customize adhesive solutions just for you and your project. We custom manufacture a variety of adhesive laminating strips for multiple applications.
  • Corona Treating: Lamination with Corona surface treating in-line.
  • Custom Coated Adhesive: We can custom-coat water or solvent-based adhesives on materials up to 61” wide.
  • Custom 3M Adhesive Applications: Custom Converting can convert any 3M laminating adhesive or double-sided adhesive laminate to your specifications.
  • Thermal Laminating (Heat Lamination): Custom Converting can fuse disparate materials together with heat. We use a thermal bond, which ensures superior bond strength.
  • High-sensitivity solutions: We can laminate delicate materials for sensitive applications, such as electronics or medical diagnostic testing.
  • Lamination of PSA to Pre-Sheeted Materials: Continuous rolls of adhesive can be laminated to pre-sheeted substrates. This allows us to offer fashion fabric lamination.
  • Multilayer laminating solutions: We can handle pressure-sensitive or individual bonding applications with widths up to 60 inches. We can laminate a variety of flexible layers without stretching the substrate.
  • Patterned Heat Lamination: This process can be used to heat seal a particular area onto a continuous web or die cut component. Custom Converting can heat seal custom patterns to any heat sealable substrate (like the heat seal of a pouch).
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Cold Lamination, or PSA Lamination
  • Roll-to-Roll, Roll-to-Sheet, or Roll-to-Finished-Parts Lamination
  • Tension Controlled Lamination: PSA lamination to elastic materials.

Our Facility

Our temperature and humidity-controlled CER rooms allow us to handle your most discriminating converting requirements, including medical applications. As a vital part of the Southern California biotech landscape, we’ve been providing specialized converting services for decades.

Not every facility has the equipment or experience to prepare materials as needed for every stage of your manufacturing process. Custom Converting, with decades of experience, a 21,000+ square foot facility, and multiple lamination machines, is ready to step in and assist you.

Multilayer lamination is just one of the services that we provide to our customers. Why not have us complete your project from beginning to end? We also offer die-cutting, sheeting, slitting, and packaging servicesLet us do the manufacturing for you

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Adhesives Used

As a 3M Select Converter, we have access to the full line of 3M adhesives, including:

• 3M Medical Adhesives
• 3M Electronic Adhesive Solutions
• 3M Industrial Adhesive
• 3M Fabric Adhesive products

Materials Laminated

  • Adhesives
  • Fabrics
  • Foams
  • Foils
  • Nitrocellulose membranes
  • Non-Wovens
  • Papers
  • Plastics

Please contact us if you don’t see what you need.

Custom Converting can also source the materials required for lamination through our extensive network of partners. Bring us the materials you’d like us to laminate or send us out to find them – we’ll get the job done. We can provide laminated parts in individual or multi-layer sheet form, or in rolls up to 60” wide.

No Two Jobs are the Same

Our team is committed to finding the best converting process for your project. We can design and build laminating solutions exclusive to your application.

We treat you and your project as individuals, taking your goals into mind at every stage in our manufacturing services. Quality is in our DNA – our customers do business with us for decades because they know that they’re getting the best service in the industry.

Request a detailed quote today by filling in our quote request form and email it to, sending in a contact request or calling us at (760) 724-0664.