Pouching, Packaging and Sub-assembly

Pouching, packaging and sub-assembly services are part of the reason that Custom Converting is your one-stop shop for contract manufacturing.   After we die-cut, slit, laminate or sheet your product, we can pouch that product for you, bag it, and/or put it in a box.   Why return boxes of bulk product to your facility when we can get it completely ready for you to ship out and sell? 


Pouching is the process of packaging parts in a multi-laminated structure (plastic, paper or foil).   We pouch a variety of die-cut parts.   Topical patches are usually ordered completely ready for retail sale, all the client has to do is distribute them.   But our pouching services aren’t just for patches.  We also pouch diagnostic strips, carbon-conductive tabs, and fingertip texture tabs.

These pouches are printed in full color, with bar-codes on the back.   Completely customizable, these pouches keep the products inside fresh, and offer a compact, light-weight alternative to traditional boxes. 

Other Packaging

If your product isn’t suitable for pouching, we also offer bagging, clamshell packaging, and blister packaging.  And if you’d like those pouches (or bags) put into boxes, just contact us about point-of-purchase (POP) displays and shippers.  Custom Converting is ready to help you every step of the way.

Sub Assembly

We are happy to prepare your products to your specifications – let us simplify your in-house processes.  An example of our sub-assembly services would be carbon-conductive tabs that we kiss-cut and then pre-package.   The sheets are counted and bagged here.    Our customer finalizes their product in their facility.  

Custom Converting is all about creating solutions to your manufacturing problems.   Whether we play a part in your fabrication story or do everything here in our California facility, we are here for you.    Contact us today!