Topical Patch Industry

Topical Patch Industry

American Custom Technologies relies upon Custom Converting for the manufacture, packaging, regulatory compliance, and shipping of their custom-manufactured topical patches.   Utilizing medical-quality tapes and other adhesives, Custom Converting provides the very best to American Custom Technologies, and through them, to you. 

What are Topical Patches?

Casually (and incorrectly) known as transdermal patches, topical patches contain plant extracts such as CBD and vitamins intended to provide a variety of benefits to the end-user.   The topical patch industry stays on the cutting edge of nutraceutical research, constantly developing new solutions to today’s challenges.    American Custom Technologies serves this industry, and we serve ACT.  

Quality Manufacturing

Whatever the purpose of the patch you want to develop, you’ll be reassured to know that Custom Converting manufactures all our products to ISOand cGMP standards.   We not only provide nutraceutical and vitamin patches, our FDA compliance allows us to quickly transition into manufacturing OTC drug patches, such as lidocaine or acne patches.   As a 3M Select Converter, we have access to the best medical adhesives on the market.    We manufacture both monolithic patches and pad (or reservoir) style patches.   

The topical patch industry is opening new avenues for improvements in health and wellness.   If you’re part of that industry, putting your best foot forward by providing the highest quality patches on the market is vital to your future success.   If you’d like to get to work developing a reputation that will drive future sales, contact us – or them – today!