Material Slitting

Material Slitting

Slitting is a process by which a material is cut to a specific width from a “master” roll.   The roll is placed on the slitting machine.  Then the material is unwound and travels through a series of blades that slits the material, and finally is rewound onto a core.   In order to ensure that the quality of the process is optimized, each element must be precisely aligned during setup.  Our team of experts is on staff to make sure that your project goes exactly according to your plan.

Slitting allows you to make a large, difficult to manage roll of material into several  smaller, easier to manage rolls for the next stage in the manufacturing process, whether that is here at Custom Converting, or at your facility. 

What sets us apart

Our team of experts is able to advise you on making the most of your desired material.    Whether that is how to order or how to orient your available material for maximum yield, our years of experience are a resource you can count on.  

We can slit a variety of materials:  Film, foam, metal foil, fabric, adhesive and more.   We can also cut cores for your rolls.  Just ask!   We integrate slitting into the custom manufacture of many of our customer’s final parts, such as pasties.    Slitting the master rolls into manageable widths is the first step in that process, as it is with many of our custom-manufactured products.

Adhesive Supplier

As a 3M Select Converter and adhesive supplier, we are able to obtain master rolls of 3M adhesive and tapes from 3M.  We can also obtain adhesive from other suppliers as well.  Then we slit those rolls down for our clients, allowing our clients to utilize them in their own manufacturing operations.    

Whether double-sided adhesive or single, we can obtain what you need – and slit it, too!

What we need to know

  • The dimensions of your master roll
  • What sizes you’d like us to slit it to
  • Whether you’d prefer a cardboard or plastic core
  • What direction you’d like your material wound
  • If you’d like a 3M material, what you’d like to order