Custom Adhesive Coating

Custom Adhesive Coating

Custom adhesive coating is now available.  We’re proud to be a 3M select provider, but if the adhesive you’re looking for isn’t in the 3M catalog, don’t hesitate to ask.  We have many options available.   These adhesive coatings may be used to produce numerous special adhesive and backing solutions as well as a variety of tapes and sticky solutions.  

Customizable Components

The heart of our business is customized manufacturing.   The same service – custom adhesive coating – can produce myriad different products.   Facestock, liner, and adhesive can all be customized for your needs.    We encourage you to contact us with your ideas – we love working with inventors and are always excited to bring something new to the marketplace.

Customized face stock allows you to choose anything from film’s to foil’s, nonwovens and more.   Liner can also be customized.   This peel-off layer can be printed with your logo, with a random print, or even with art, for a truly high-end touch.   Your adhesive selection runs the gamut of everything between medical-quality adhesives designed for human skin to pest control tape designed to trap rodents.

These components allow us to make things that we haven’t imagined yet – which is why you should call us today (link). We’re ready to sit down with you and make the impossible possible.   As your custom adhesive coater, we are ready to make you the best of what’s already on the market or develop products that no one knew they needed – until now.

Adhesive Coating Capabilities

  • Facestock up to 60” wide (sixty inch wide material).
  • Solvent-based adhesive
  • Water-based adhesive

How does adhesive coating work?

We mix your custom adhesive or ours and coat it smoothly onto the liner you select, then laminate the facestock to the adhesive/liner layer.  We can also custom-slit your material to your desired width or die cut into whatever shape you require.   If you’d like us to mix an active ingredient with your adhesive, we can do so.   Once the rolls are coated, it’s on to the next step in the manufacturing process, and even more customizable options.

What can we make using this process?

The possibilities are endless – call us today and we’ll get your dream in motion.  Our services don’t stop at custom adhesive coating – we can slit, die cut, and print on your custom-coated adhesive product, then package it in pouches or retail packaging.   We routinely serve industries ranging from fashion to electronics and our location in San Diego county allows us to have close ties to those working in biotech and medical manufacturing.  

Custom Converting is registered as a medical device manufacturer and we also manufacture topical patches.   Never say never – if you think we might be able to make something for you, just ask

Products that we can provide as a custom adhesive coater include:

  • Anti-reflection and anti-static films
  • Conductive films and nonwovens
  • Decorative films
  • Decorative foils
  • Display films
  • Kinesthetic Tape  
  • Medical Adhesives & Tapes
  • Medical products
  • Packaging products
  • Pest and Insect Control Tape Adhesives
  • Topical Patches

Custom Converting

At Custom Converting, we have built our business on serving the needs of our customers.   Our custom adhesive coating service is just one option among many, all designed to produce an individualized, exceptional product.  

Our decades of experience in the field of converting have resulted in incredible customer loyalty   Customers appreciate having a relationship with a manufacturer where they can sit down, face-to-face and exchange ideas.   

Quality is in our DNA – we’re ready to make it your hallmark, too.  When you sell the products that we manufacture to your customers, they’ll notice the Custom Converting difference.   It’s hard to list out all the products that we’ve made over the years because of the incredible variety – but if you come to us with an idea, we’ll help you bring it to market.

Custom Converting pairs the best of innovation with the reliability of a familiar manufacturing partner.   We provide jobs in our local communities, exclusively utilizing on-shore manufacturing.  Trusted.  Local.  Experienced.  

Contact us today to begin working with one of our representatives today.   We’re ready to make your dreams come to life.