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Biotech Industry

Biotech customers and those in the Life Science industry often require highly specialized components as part of their final products.    We provide sourcing for the full catalog of 3M materials, and can coat adhesives as desired, prior to die cutting.   Custom is in our name, and quality is in our DNA – our customers end up in decades’ long partnerships with us and refer us to their associates in the industry.   Why?  Because we work to a high degree of accuracy, we’re experienced, and our business focuses on each customer as an individual.


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Manufacturing adhesive tabs, membrane cards, or die cutting membranes, tapes and parts are all services that our friends in the industry ask for.    We’ve made membrane combs, filter membranes, prepared splint material, laminated and slit specialty materials for our customers, and much, much more.  Does your medical device need to be adhered to the skin?   An email to Custom Converting might solve your quandary.


San Diego is a center for Biotech and the Life Science industry, so our location in Oceanside means that we’re a resource that you can develop a face-to-face relationship with – and many of our customers do just that.   Our sales and engineering teams are ready to sit down and discuss your needs, whether that’s in person or over the phone.  We are here for all of our customers, and do business worldwide.  Why not contact us today and start the ball rolling for your next project?