Medical Device Industry

Medical Device Industry

The medical device industry has been one of our primary customer bases for over 30 years.  We are familiar with its stringent requirements.   We serve this industry by providing a variety of converting services, including die-cutting, laminating, and assembly.   Our ISO and ASR certifications allow you to rest easy, knowing that you’re leaving your project in the best possible hands.

Face Shields and Eye Shields

During the COVID-19 emergency, Custom Converting ramped up production to meet the increased need for disposable face shields.   Our die-cutting machines were cutting through polyester sheets day and night, producing millions of parts for our customers.   We provided steady employment for not only our original team, but added new employees to the ranks.   When you do business with Custom Converting, you know that you’re doing business with a company that brings jobs to American workers.  Even in hard times, Custom Converting is here to meet your needs and the needs of our community.  Medical devices are an essential service requirement, and our manufacturing facility is here to serve your needs, no matter what’s happening.

Topical Patches

American Custom Technologies looks to Custom Converting for the manufacture, packaging, and regulatory compliance for their topical patches.   We manufacture, pouch, package, and ship out to their final customers, providing custom services as needed.   Custom Converting provides a FDA compliant facility, which can be registered at a moment’s notice in order to produce and package OTC drug patches.   We furnish regulatory oversight and traceability as well as being available for the production of nutraceutical and CBD patches. 

Custom Converting also serves customers who need placebo patches created for drug trials.  


The medical device industry depends upon the expertise that Custom Converting supplies.   We have made catheters and wound-healing electronic patches, we supply parts for kinesthesiology sensors and much more.   We can do the same for you!   Contact us today!