Electronics Industry

Electronics Industry

CCI supports Electronic Industries requiring Laminating, Processing and Class A Tolerance applications to +/- .001”

  • Defense Contractors
  • Medical Device applications
  • Aerospace Films and Adhesives
  • Consumer Electronics

Applications include:

  • Medical, Telecom, Automotive Screen Protectors
  • Polycarbonate, Thermal Conductive / Insulating Materials
  • PCB Insulating Films
  • RFI gasketing
  • Flexible PCB
  • Kapton®
  • Filter Membranes
  • Specialized Conductive Fims
  • VHB, Foils, Heat Activated Adhesives


Electronic components are in demand in Southern California.  Industries from defense to computer-parts suppliers require these sensitive parts, and Custom Converting can help you provide them. 
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Does your electronic assembly job require a die-cut material or a lamination process?

We’ve die-cut films for computer screens, carbon-conductive pads, and electrodes.   Metal film?  No problem!  We have worked with many types of metal foils, up to and including titanium.  

Do you manufacture protective films for computer screens, cell-phones, or laptops?

Custom Converting can take care of die-cutting, laminating, and sub-assembly.   What kind of electronic components do you need to have manufactured for your product?   Contact us and let’s see if we can work together.

Made in America

Manufacturing off-shore comes with numerous concerns, from timely deliveries to ethical working conditions.  2020 provided an up-close look at how long supply chains can be problematic.   Prior to 2020, considerations of intellectual property infringement have been a major concern, especially to electronic components manufacturers. 

Why not consider bringing your manufacturing closer to home?   Our California-based manufacturing facility is open to our customers – make an appointment to come by, we’d love to meet you.  Our clients develop relationships with us that last for decades.   We are responsive, local, and quality-oriented.   Is your product unique?   We’re here to offer solutions just for you.   Contact us today.