Wearable Fitness Technology

Wearable fitness technology manufacturing can enable your company to take advantage of one of the biggest trends in medical device manufacturing. If you’re looking for a custom manufacturer to make all or part of your product, contact us today.

• We offer custom adhesive solutions, to keep your wearable adhered to the skin.
• We offer custom die cutting, which allows us to cut parts to your specifications.
• We offer lamination services, if you’d like multiple layers of your product fused together.
• And if you want to have your product ready for final sale, we offer packaging services on site.

Wearables manufacturers are often looking for partners to help them solve problems on their way to product creation. Our decades of experience with manufacturing for the medical device field gives us the edge over our competition – we’ve seen a lot, and overcome many challenges along the way. We’ve also worked with the fashion industry  and produced millions of topical patches over the years. Why not put that expertise to work for you?

Wearable fitness technology manufacturing has incredible potential for growth. To fuel that growth, you need reliable partnerships, and vendors who are as excited about your new wearable as you are. Do you want to sit down and discuss feasibility? Custom Converting has a seat at the table waiting for you.

Are you looking for a US based manufacturer? We’re able to give your project the personal touch, while we keep it on-shore and shorten your supply chain.

Contact us today to discuss the potential of having all or part of your wearable fitness technology manufactured right here in California. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!